The portal facilitates companies, NPOs, charities, and individuals to collaborate.

EarthToday is the purpose portal that facilitates companies, NPOs, charities, and validated members to collaborate. Turnkey.

It is an out-of-the-box campaign platform for nature protection. A toolkit to engage with customers, employees, or followers. A donation portal to support charities. And a resource center for its members.

It provides plug and play technology to build communities and share news and information about 24 global goals.

Eventually, it will be a marketplace for information, services, and goods in return for protecting nature. Everything you do on EarthToday raises awareness of the state of the planet and contributes to its protection. Meter x meter.

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Uon.Earth translates its vision and intention into a comprehensive set of blueprints. Together, these blueprints provide the strategic framework, guiding principles, and outlines for manifesting the vision in a way that maintains its integrity. #TheBlueprint is created by the board of Uon.Earth, a partnership between Union of Nature Foundation and EarthToday, a tech company with a purpose portal for brands, charities and consumers to collectively campaign for Earth.
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